Best Music Players for Your Android Phone

Along with the changing music trends, the way we listen to and experience music has changed a lot over the years, as well. Listening to music on the go is not an exactly a new concept.

If you are old enough to remember seeing someone walking down the street with a boombox on their shoulder, you’d know what I’m on about. Then, as technology progressed, boomboxes were gradually replaced by the revolutionary Walkman, and its copies. Walkman was followed by portable CD players, but those were quickly replaced by mp3 players which ruled the sonic landscape for years.

But, with the emergence of smartphones and large-capacity SD cards, people have changed their listening habits yet again. Not only are you able to have access to all the latest music through services like iTunes, but you can also have greater control over the way your favorite music is played, with the help of different music apps. Let’s take a look at some the best music apps for your Android phone that can be found on the market.


For those of you who can’t live without iTunes, DoubleTwist is familiar name, since it’s probably the best top music playersway of syncing your music between your Android phone and iTunes. But, that’s not the only thing DoubleTwist is good at. Its capabilities as music player are nearly equally impressive, and best of all, you can get the basic version for free. In order to have access to all of its features, you still have to pay up, but it is well-worth the money. Apart from looking great, DoubleTwist comes equipped with an equalizer and provides you with hi-res artwork of your favorite albums, and a whole other bunch of cool features. It also supports just about any audio format out there.


Although with a completely different visual identity than that of DoubleTwist, Poweramp is equally awesome, and packed with goodies like an equalizer, crossfader and much more. Underneath the hood is more of the same, with a long list of supported audio formats. Aside from being able to play anything you throw at it, Poweramp is highly customizable, with a bunch of different themes available, as well as high-quality album artwork. You can try it out for free over a period of 15 days, but it’s highly unlikely you won’t want to keep on using it. One of the best music players for Android, no contest.


As you can tell by the name, Equalizer+ comes with an integrated equalizer, and numerous other features, which you have to pay for if you want more than basic functionality. What you get is a 5-band equalizer, and a bunch of presets, bass booster, and a visualizer. It’s not on the same level as Poweramp or DoubleTwist, but it still offers more than enough.

There are plenty of apps out there which can play your favorite tunes, and these three are pretty much your best option. Give them a shot and enjoy the music!

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